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2020 Year in Review

I recently went back and reread my 2019 year in review where I started off all sappy about how January can be a lonely and quiet time for a photographer blah blah. Little did I know that lonely and quiet would be 2020's middle name.

It’s almost hard to remember first reactions to the news of the virus. So much speculation and mixed information. I recall the stages of acceptance and realizing this wasn't going to disappear and that I could literally be jobless for a year. There was something apocalyptically exciting about it though. I'm not a huge fan of routine and the mayhem got me going.

The vacuum of paid work opened up an opportunity to throw myself into personal work and focus in a way that is difficult during a normal working year. I got obsessed with capturing everything COVID-19 in and around Pittsburgh. All of my photography energy was focused on capturing the weird things happening around me, things I knew would be fascinating to look back on 20 years from now.

When the lockdown was announced I saw an opportunity to work on a more orchestrated project. I wanted to focus on something that represented both my intrigue and the times. And so came my project, Isolated Radiance. This felt like a defining project for the year and I'm glad I had the time to put effort into it. It got me a little press and a body of work I’m proud of.

Work did pick up towards the end of the summer and got busy for the last few months of the year. I felt some new energy jumping back into client work. The time off gave me space to conceptualize, experiment and learn which helped move my work forward.

It was a dynamic year that offered a lot of opportunity for growth. I hope that we all come out of this a little stronger with a more adaptable attitude moving forward.

Thanks for your time and checking out some of my work. Leave me a note below if you feel like it.


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UPMC Shadyside

The Land

Pittsburgh Technology Council

The Heinz Endowments

HR Magazine

Pittsburgh Magazine

McQueen Building Company


Isolated Radiance


Pitt Medical School




Favorite Snaps 2020


The Voice of UPMC Shadyside

I spent a couple hours maneuvering a poison ivy covered hill with this group of goats and their donkey leader. UPMC Shadyside hired this eco-friendly herd to remove poison ivy from the hillside next to the Luna Parking Garage.


The Land

From a January trip to Israel


Leah Lizarondo for TEQ Magazine - Pittsburgh Technology Council

Part three of an ongoing project called Pittsburgh Founders which was paused for most of 2020


H Magazine - The Heinz Endowments

Photographed for the COVID issue released in December. Some of my personal work was used for a photo essay at the front of the magazine.


Jamie Irick of PPG for HR Magazine


Pittsburgh Magazine

Far fewer assignments than normal but was able to get a few good ones in


McQueen Building Company



Pittsburgh International Airport

Reopen PA Rally

Grace Life Church Drive-in Easter Service

Public Service

COVID-19 Observations


Isolated Radiance



A writeup in The Jewish Chronicle and NEXTpittsburgh

Click screenshot for article


Pitt Medical School

Photos of the new dean of the medical school, Dr. Shekhar, for their annual report




Link Magazine - CMU School of Computer Science


Duquesne University


Favorite Snaps from 2020 (non COVID related)

Moods from some much needed adventures in 2020. A lot of miles on the car this year.

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